Robots/Are you comfortable with them?

Robots are everywhere. Whether you are having surgery or buying the kids some toys, they impact society. Countries like South Korea and Japan invest big money in their development. For instance, robot guards are being tested in a South Korean jail. That’s right, a prison. The robot guards will monitor the inmates behavior. The robots will try to determine if anything risky is occurring. That should be interesting. The robots won’t have to try to hard to find bad behavior. But on a serious note, some believe prisons already de-humanize the inmates. Rehabbing the inmate should be a primary concern. It will be interesting to see how this study works out. Robots are also used in medical and military applications. The recent nuclear diseaster in Japan highlighted the need for robots. The job will take years. Advances in robotic technology will assist in a speedy resolution. Robots are here to stay, so we have to get use to them hanging around. Please check out the MatthewJshow live every Wednesday at 10:00AM EST at

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  1. Terry says:

    Right ont-his helped me sort things right out.

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