Fracking/Coming to your town soon?

Fracking is back in the news. Whether its a new show on the pitfalls of fracking or a show promoting the economic benefits of fracking, the issue is a serious one. Local residents that are affected by fracking are concerned about their health and environment. For example, what happens to all of the wastewater which comes from the fraccking process? Disclosure seems to be the word of day in this dispute. What chemicals are being used in the process? Proponents state that the fracking process is done at extreme depths and does not affect surface water. Who do you believe? Where are the state and federal studies to determine whether fracking is safe? As with anything, money plays a big role in the fracking issue. Are studies stopped or suspended due to budget shortfalls or is something much more sinister at work? Stay tuned, the franking saga will continue.

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