Trump/Is he his worst own enemy?

I watched Donald Trump give his victory speech tonight and what I saw could ruin his chance of being the nominee. Can’t any of his advisors tell him to wrap up his victory speech? Trump started to concern me with his lack of direction in his victory speech. Yes Donald, it was a good night for you, but don’t gloat. In order for the American voter to vote for you in November, you must rein in your ego. True, it has gotten you great results up to this point, but Donald pull back on the gas peddle.

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  1. Matty says:

    It’s like you’re on a missoin to save me time and money!

  2. 我也来一次。。验证码这么小,我老眼昏花了。<div class="ubbpanel replaypanel"><div class="ubbtitle"><img src="images/icon_reply.gif" style="margin:0px 2px -3px 0px" alt="引用来自 s5s5"/> s5s5 于 2008-10-13 11:37 pm 回复</div><div class="ubbcontent">了解,这周有空就改了</div></div>

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